When it comes to health and exercise we all know that we could be doing more. But how much exercise should we all be getting?

According to the experts at the Australian Institute of Sport, 30 minutes per day is the optimal amount of time that we should be exercising per day. The campign they have launched to discuss this is the Find Your 30 campaign. The campaign looks at ways that individuals can try to find there 30 minutes in fun and interesting ways. From walking an extra block to work or simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  At home they suggest simple things such as washing your car, playing with the kids in the backyard, walking the block or even gardening in the yard. There are so many ways that we can all get more active, and the obvious other ways are through sport and fitness. Sport competitions, training, lessons, coaching are all great ways to get out and not just get active but also get social with the people around you.

For us, looking at ways to get children more active, we believe that the message needs to come from the top...their parents. By showing your children how easy it is to get active and to demonstrate it first hand, your children will naturally follow your lead and will emulate the habits you have throughout their life, hopefully right through into adulthood. We also believe that getting children involved in local sport carries the same benifits for them as it does for us adults. It keeps them fit, its social and its great for encouraging a positive mental outlook on life.

Below are a few of the AIS videos that show just how easy it is for all of us to get our 30 today!