Holiday Program Tennis Tournament @ OSPS

Well done to all of our students who participated in our school holiday program tennis tournament. We had a fantastic two days with all of the participants making huge improvements in their rallying & match play. Well done to Leo K, Leo Z & Kane who won their events. Another huge shoutout to all the others who put up fantastic competition for the two days.

We hope to see you back for our next tournament to be held soon!

Generating Top Spin on your forehand

A great video on contact point and how to generate fantastic topspin on your forehand strokes.



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Teaching the tennis basics to kids

In this post we thought we would show you some videos that make teaching tennis to young children easy. Many of these drills and activities you can do at home or on the weekends with your kids to improve their performance and game.

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Hitting the Pull Shot in cricket

This week in our cricket classes we are working on the pull shot in cricket. The students have enjoyed the shot as they love being able to use the full force of their body weight to hit across their body. One major tip we have given has been to ensure you are not standing too close to the stumps. Below is a quick video outlining the stroke and the perfect way to strike it.

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