Teaching the tennis basics to kids

In this post we thought we would show you some videos that make teaching tennis to young children easy. Many of these drills and activities you can do at home or on the weekends with your kids to improve their performance and game.

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Hitting the Pull Shot in cricket

This week in our cricket classes we are working on the pull shot in cricket. The students have enjoyed the shot as they love being able to use the full force of their body weight to hit across their body. One major tip we have given has been to ensure you are not standing too close to the stumps. Below is a quick video outlining the stroke and the perfect way to strike it.

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80% of children in Australia still aren't getting enough excersise

According to recent statistics provided by the Australian Sports Comission up to 80% of young people arent getting 'enough' excercise. In a country such as Australia with our climate, culture and funding this is simply unacceptable. We need to be encouraging all young people to get out and have a good go of any kid of physical activity, it really doesnt matter what the sport or exercise. 

Its important that parents are setting the example for their kids as they are going to be the overarching influence on their behaviour. Schools can also encourage this by enrolling in the free funding provided by the ASC through the Sporting Schools inititative.

To find out a little more about this program, check out the video below;


Hitting better forehands for kids & adults.

During this weeks tennis lessons we have been focussing on the importance of striking the ball out in front of your body. We have noticed that so many of the students coming through the program are often striking the ball at their body and therefore aren't getting the benifit of a full backswing and follow through. Striking out in front allows you to utilise the foreward step and capitalise on your body's momentum.  It also allows the arm to fully extend giving maximum power to the stroke.

Why sport is for life by Fit For Kids Co.

Sport is for life. It’s our motto and a sentiment shared by some of the seniors in the following video. Whats great about the video is that the things we believe make sport so important for children are actually the same things that make sport so important for adults to. Aspects such as inclusion, socialisation, community, friendship & of course health and wellbeing factors too.

As you will see, sport is something that can keep everyone engaged and happy for life!



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