Let us introduce ourselves.

Fit For Kids Co. is a leading provider of junior sports programs within Australia. We specialise in running the highest quality sports programs with the majority of these being endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission's various National Sporting Bodies.          

The Company

Fit For Kids Co. was created to provide professional sports programs for Australian children. We specialize in providing these programs to Early Learning Centres, Health Centres and Primary Schools. We have a team of trained professionals who are all committed to improving the health of all Australian Kids. We believe this can be achieved through encouraging active, healthy and sporting lifestyles in all children.

Fit For Kids Co. also strive to set the highest standards in sports coaching management. We take care of the entire process from the running of professional lessons to our online payment and registration system. We conduct in house training and adhere to industry standards relating to the delivery of our various programs Our vision is for a happier and healthier Australian youth. Our mission is to eliminate childhood obesity in Australia through sport, education and lifestyle improvement.

Our overall mantra is: Sport for life


Think you have what it takes to deliver dynamic and exciting sporting programs to children aged 4—10 yrs old? Fit For Kids Co are always on the lookout for quality coaches and sporting enthusiasts to join our growing team.

If this sounds like you please send your resume and cover letter through to employment@fitforkidsco.com.au

The Team

Ed Andrew

Managing Director 

Ed brings over 10 years’ experience in the tennis industry and a lifetime love of sport to the company. Growing up Ed played everything from tennis, football, cricket, golf and also board sports such as skateboarding & snowboarding. Ed’s belief in the importance of organised sport & professional coaching for the education of young children led him to start Fit For Kids Co.



Lucas Barbosa

Head of Soccer

Lucas' passion for soccer started just after his first steps. It continued through his childhood and youth, where he excitedly participated in soccer lessons all for many years. As a kid, he self admits he wasn't one of the top players, but as his passion and dedication increased it helped him to become a professional player by the age of 17. At present he is now 28 years old and has over a year of coaching experience, coaching soccer for the kids and simultaneously engaging their interest in the sport. Seeing their health and happiness is the most meaningful thing of his life. He is now Head of Soccer at Fit For Kids Co, where he writes, conducts and coordinates the entire program.



Darren James

Head of Mindfulness + Movement 

From 2016, Darren will be heading up our Mindfulness + Movement Program across all schools, centres & events. Darren is a fully qualified Personal Trainer with over 10 years of hands on experience in the industry. In this time he has worked across a range of different areas and methods of training within Australia. Darren also spent two years working in the UK where he developed his holistic approach to training.

Darren works across a wide range of area's within helath & fitness which allows him to keep an open mind with training and take inspiration from different approaches. He is passionate about the works of Paul Check, Charles Poliquin and Elliot Hulse. 

"I always use a mind-body approach with my work. I can also provide emotional support for individuals who have been through chronic pain and injury. Gentle stretching, meditation and breathing techniques go hand-in-hand and I can provide some education in approaching the daily stresses in life"
- Darren James