Terms & Conditions

By signing up/registering or enrolling into the ‘Fit For Kids Co’ Program it is understood that you have read and agreed to the conditions stated below.


Fit For Kids Co require term fees to be paid in full prior to or on the day of the first scheduled lesson. If fees are not paid or arranged to be paid on an agreed date, the student will not be eligible to join into the session. This includes invoices & discounted invoices (unless agreed upon in writing).


Fit For Kids Co does not give refunds or discounts for missed sessions. If a student is unwell and unable to attend a lesson, they will be able to make the session up by attending an additional Fit For Kids Co session throughout that particular year. medical certificates must be emailed to info@fitforkidsco.com.au.
Make up classes must be arranged before the end of term & agreed apon by the office. If students arrive at a class without permission they will not be able to attend and will be sent to the office.

Promotional Material

Fit For Kids Co reserves the right to use any images, photographs, videos taken at any given Fit For Kids Co session. This material may be used for marketing, advertising or promotion unless formally requested by aparent or guardian in writing to Fit For Kids Co.


Fit For Kids Co accepts no liability for injury, damages or losses sustained through the involvement in the Fit For Kids Co Program. It is understood that participants engage in the program as a ‘sport’ which may be referred to as coaching, lessons, training or programme. The activity of playing ‘sport’ involves general risk outside the control of Fit For Kids Co.
Fit For Kids Co will take all necessary steps in order to ensure the safety of all participants to the best of its ability.


All lessons will be presumed on unless otherwise stated by a coach or supervisor. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to confirm a ‘wash out’ or ‘other weather condition’ by either phone or to arrive at a given venue. Lessons will often go ahead even after excessive rain or high temperatures. No outdoor lessons will go ahead if temperatures exceed 35 degrees or if the ground is severely wet. Please ask about the indoor venue for your given class. In most instances, sessions will still be run indoors when weather is deemed to be ‘too dangerous’ to continue to operate a given session or class.

Make Up Lesson Policy

Fit For Kids Co will not provide make up lessons for classes missed, unless they are for unexpected health or illness. In this case a medical certificate must be provided within 7 days of any missed lesson in order to be eligable for a make up lesson credit. Make up classes must be booked through Fit For Kids Co and the Parent/Guardian before completion of the term.

             Unforeseen circumstances

If a lesson or lessons are missed due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather, a coach cancellation or a school closure you will be entitled to a credit on any lessons paid for. This credit can be used within 12 months of payment, whereby a student can attend a make up class or classes. These classes will need to be confirmed with the office prior to the student attending the lesson to ensure space and availability.  



Covid Cancellations

Due to potential snap lockdowns, any missed classes once a term has commenced will be credited to your account. We do not refund these classes but allow the credit to be used within a 12 month period of sign up. The credit can be used for any class at your given venue. To use your class credit you must contact us to book you child in. Any children sent to a lesson without confirmation from our office will be sent to after care.

Racquets or accessories

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange it for something else. You can exchange your purchase for up to 7 days from the purchase date. Exchanged products must be in the condition you received them and in the original box and/or packaging. 


Children in our care

Fit For Kids Co is not responsible for picking up students from their class rooms or dropping them off to their class room upon lesson conclusion. If your child is new to lessons with Fit For Kids Co. parents are advised to notify the students class room teacher that they are attending one of our lessons on a given day. 

Fit For Kids Co will take responsibility for 'students' during, and only during the class times stated for a given class. Whilst we are only responsible during the stated times (listed on your registrations), most schools will have an 'on duty' teacher in the school outside of these times. Each school will have it's own policies and it is up to the parents to be aware of these prior to commencing any of our classes. We suggest you check with the school personally to ensure there is a teacher on duty before or after the designated times, as Fit For Kids Co is not responsible for the care of the students outside the stated time we have advertised. Please ensure you have confirmation with the school regarding the 'on duty' care for outside of school hour times.

Parent / Guardian Afternoon Pick up Policy

Parents/Gaurdians must arrive to pick their children up at the venue by 4:15pm. Classes conclude at 4:20pm sharp. It is expected and understood that all parents or guardians will be on site by this time. If you are running late or for any reason unable to arrive before the conclusion of the class you must call both the school and Fit For Kids Co. to advise them of this. Students not collected will be taken to after care or supervised by the on site coach at a cost of $1 per minute after 4:25pm. This is up to the discretion of the on site coach. 


Late pickups / Additional care

Pickup of students later than five minutes after scheduled finish time will incur a cost of $1.00 per minute. This fee is to cover the cost of keeping a coach on duty to supervise students.

If the coaches are not able to stay for the extended time period, your child will be taken straight to the on site after care provider.