Isolation Ideas Part 1

Now that a return to school in Term 2, 2020 for Melbourne is looking highly unlikely, we thought we would begin to help parents and teachers with their at home programs and care-taking. Having kids work and study from home will not be easy and it will be important for parents to ensure they are getting adequate exercise and exertion in order to keep concentration, sleep and other factors optimal. 

For this reason, we thought we would provide you with some really great at home programs which you can do that are 100% free.

Below you will find videos that we have researched and that we think will be great for you and your little ones at home.





We hope you found these helpful for you and your kids, we will be back with more videos over the coming weeks here at:

Tennis Season is in full swing

Hasnt it been an incredible month for tennis so far! We have been lucky enough to experience so many incredible matches over the January Summer of Tennis and last night was no exeption. Thiem Vs Nadal in an absolute thriller.


Thiem will now face the formiddible Zverev in the Australian Open Semi final on Friday night here in Melbourne.


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Kyrgios & Federer raise $35,000 in the Rally for Relief warm up

In what has been a huge success in raising funds and exposure for the horrific bushfire disaster, a whole host of top tennis players have turned out to support the Rally For Relief event in Melbourne last night. The night included names such as Kyrgios, Federer, Nadal, Williams, Wozniacki, Tsitsipas, Osaka, Kvitova, Djokovic & Thiem.

By the end of the night close to $5million dollars had been raised with Nadal & Federer personally making a contribution of $250,000.

Such a great initiative and event, check out the action below.

Why Sport Inclusion is life changing

Sport is more than just running around a court, field or play area, it is a vehicle for people of all walks of life to meet, engage and communicate with those in their community. Sport can provide a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging and in itself a community.

Here at Fit For Kids Co, we believe sport can set a child up for life. Through engaging with team mates, competitors, coaches and umpires, children learn the valuable lessons needed to excel in life. Not only does sport teach these life skills, it also keeps the body and mind working together in harmony to ensure positve mental health outcomes for those involved. 

Below is an inspiring video highlighting the effect sport can have on a persons life.


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Tips for keeping the kids active these school holidays!

Tips for keeping the kids active these school holidays!

With the holidays upon us (or fast approaching), we thought now would be a great time to look at ways of getting and keeping the kids active these school holidays. Whilst the weather is warm and inviting, so to are the iPad and consoles, so parents need to have a few good strategies up their sleeves to make it a healthy summer of fun. Here are five quick ways we think you can approach them.

 No Tech Days or Times

This may seem like mission impossible for both kids & parents, but over the chrisms break is the perfect time to try out a TECH-FREE day. With most offices closed it’s something that parents and guardians can do with their children (setting the example) without worrying about missing an important work call! In 2019 with our daily usage of technology so strong, tech dependence is now a very real issue for the next generation so this is a fantastic way to combat the issue. By showing your children that you can go without technology for set periods of time you are actually teaching discipline, breaking dependence and allowing the space for activity and conversation to take place. Who knows, you may even enjoy it!

Plan outdoor activities with movement & fun

Plan a park day with the family. This is not only a fun way to spend time with your kids but also a non-confrontational way to get them playing sport. For many children, the structured nature of sport and competition can be daunting and all children respond differently to play. By taking them outside in an open environment, you may just find they build a greater appreciation for sport, movement, and activity without even realising it. It’s also just a nice way to get back to nature and the outdoors during the warmer months.

Involve the whole family

Kids love the chance to play with parents & guardians so this can be a great way to get them involved in activity whilst also boosting family bonding time. Get a ball, bat, racquet or kit and just do something as a family. What you are doing is far less important than the fact that you are taking the time to simply do it. If you can make it physical in nature, this is great as it sets a healthy example for your kids about what ‘we’ can do with our free playtime.

Try Something New

With the busy nature of work and life we can often find we get into some pretty set routines, can’t we? Over the break is a great time to try a new sport or activity. If your child has taken up a new activity, why not get out with them and try your hand at it too! This is a great way to show support and interest in something they love, and it's also a chance to learn something new as an adult too!

Reward Active living

Nothing like a little positive reinforcement for positive behavior. Whilst we are trying to use less technology and get the kids moving over the holiday break, using a method such as ’screen time’ for park time can be a worthy strategy. For those kids who could spend the entire day in front of the iPad if given the chance, create a system where they are rewarded screen time in exchange for sport, activity or exercise time. This may seem transactional but will help to get them out there in the first place. Once they experience the joys of the great outdoors, they will be far more likely to spend even more time outside than initially anticipated. Once they’re worn out, this is then a great time to have a little screen time reward!

So there you have it!

Five quick ways to get them up, active and healthy this summer! We hope you all have a great break and enjoy getting out and getting active with your kids! See you in 2020.

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