'I Love Basketball' share the best 10 drills for beginner players

I love Basketball have put together a great little video with their 10 best basketball drills for beginners. We think this is a great video for parents who may be looking for some ideas when playing around with their kids at home or at the local basketball courts.

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Fit For Kids Co. Team

Why children should engage in physical activity every single day

In order to maintain healthy development and body and mind, it is crucial that children remain active and move every single day. This not only helps to maintain healthy weight, keeps the mind sharp and assists with socialisation, it also helps children to instil healthy habits that they will take into their next stages of life.

Research has shown us that children who exercise or play sport on a regular basis will be far more likely to carry these habits into adolescents and adulthood than those who are sedentary.

Some of the other benifits include

- Better heart health  

- Increased self esteem

- Better concentration in school!

- Improved cognitive function

With all of these amazing benifits, it would seem to be a no brainer to get your child active and running around every single day. Whether through a sports club, sport lesson or simply going for a family walk or bike ride, keeping active with your children is one of the best gifts you can give them.

Fit For Kids Co.

Why parents need their fun & exercise too! - Soccer Mums

Here at Fit For Kids Co. we focus on getting children out, active and having fun with sport. Whilst children's participation is incredibly important, so too is that of mum and dad. Parents are obviously childrens biggest influencers and role models, and the lifestyle they lead is something children absorb. So this means that to truly engage our kids in an active lifestyle, parents too need to show them that keeping fit and healthy is a part of everyday life. One such programme that is helping to do this is the Soccer Mums program an initiative of VicHealth & Football Federation Victoria. The program is designed to get mums out on the field and engaging in the sport of soccer in a fun and inviting fashion. These kinds of community programs are brilliant in making sport and fitness more accessible and fun for busy parents.


This Girl Can - Social Sixes Cricket Program

A great video showcasing that sport needs to be accessible to everyone. The 'This Girl Can' campaign is doing a fantastic job in showcasing Australian female sporting stories. In the video the participant discusses Cricket Australia's Social Sixes program and how it has been instramental in getting girls who feel intimidated into the sport.

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