NO Coaching in Term 2, 2020

We regret to inform all of our parents, students & coaches that due to the closure of school and early learning centres we will not be conducting classes in Term 2, 2020.

We want to thank everyone for their ongoing support through a difficult time for everyone.

The team hope to return in Term 3, 2020 stronger & better than ever.

For now, we wish all of our families a safe and healthy period.

We look forward to seeing you all very soon.


Ed & The Team
Fit For Kids Co.

Isolation Ideas Part 1

Now that a return to school in Term 2, 2020 for Melbourne is looking highly unlikely, we thought we would begin to help parents and teachers with their at home programs and care-taking. Having kids work and study from home will not be easy and it will be important for parents to ensure they are getting adequate exercise and exertion in order to keep concentration, sleep and other factors optimal. 

For this reason, we thought we would provide you with some really great at home programs which you can do that are 100% free.

Below you will find videos that we have researched and that we think will be great for you and your little ones at home.





We hope you found these helpful for you and your kids, we will be back with more videos over the coming weeks here at:

Tennis Season is in full swing

Hasnt it been an incredible month for tennis so far! We have been lucky enough to experience so many incredible matches over the January Summer of Tennis and last night was no exeption. Thiem Vs Nadal in an absolute thriller.


Thiem will now face the formiddible Zverev in the Australian Open Semi final on Friday night here in Melbourne.


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Kyrgios & Federer raise $35,000 in the Rally for Relief warm up

In what has been a huge success in raising funds and exposure for the horrific bushfire disaster, a whole host of top tennis players have turned out to support the Rally For Relief event in Melbourne last night. The night included names such as Kyrgios, Federer, Nadal, Williams, Wozniacki, Tsitsipas, Osaka, Kvitova, Djokovic & Thiem.

By the end of the night close to $5million dollars had been raised with Nadal & Federer personally making a contribution of $250,000.

Such a great initiative and event, check out the action below.

Why Sport Inclusion is life changing

Sport is more than just running around a court, field or play area, it is a vehicle for people of all walks of life to meet, engage and communicate with those in their community. Sport can provide a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging and in itself a community.

Here at Fit For Kids Co, we believe sport can set a child up for life. Through engaging with team mates, competitors, coaches and umpires, children learn the valuable lessons needed to excel in life. Not only does sport teach these life skills, it also keeps the body and mind working together in harmony to ensure positve mental health outcomes for those involved. 

Below is an inspiring video highlighting the effect sport can have on a persons life.


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