5 easy ways to help children rise earlier in the morning

We all know how difficult it can be to get kids up early in the morning for sport, school or any other family activity you may have on. We thought we would look at 5 easy ways to help our kids get up, get active and get a head start on the day ahead.


  1.  1. Minimise screen time before bed

The most obvious thing we can do to help children rise earlier and fresher is to limit the brain stimulation of screens before bed. This is easier said than done and is even a challenge for the adults these days! But my making a rule that screens are off by a certain time, you will be ensuring your child is getting a quality nights sleep and hopefully an early morning bounce out of bed.


2. Drink Water

Drinking water before bed helps to keep children hydrated and therefore fresh and ready to tackle the day in the morning. Obviously you dont want to have too much water before bed for obvious reasons so try and get them to drink water consistently throughout the day.


3. Downtime activity to help relax before bed

 A book, puzzle or anything to help a child relax before bed is a great way to ensure when the head hits the pillow it’s game over. Try and find something your child will look forward to before bed as this will also make the entire process that little bit easier!


4. A good breakfast to look forward to

If theres a good breakfast waiting theres a good chance your child is going to be getting up quick smart. Before bed remind them of what awaits in the morning and perhaps be surprised by how nimble and awake they can be when there are fresh pancakes in on their plate.


5. Give them an incentive

Whether its some time on the iPad or something else they really enjoy, making this something they can do ‘if’ they get up earlier enough will certainly enhance their motivation to not hit the snooze. 


What is your best tactic?

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Our 3 steps to a killer (kids) forehand - Tennis Skills For Kids

3 steps to a killer forehand (for kids). 

We wanted to share our tips for an easy way to teach children the forehand ground stroke. This is an easy way for parents to also teach on a weekend or at the local tennis courts. Remember to get your child to repeat the steps back to you. We call these the 3 S's. 


1. Surf

Standing in a surfer type position allows the students to open up there body whilst creating a balanced position with their feet and knees. This position also forces them side on in one easy and simple movement. This simple and easy to remember position allows kids as young as 5 to be able to position themselves for the stroke.

2. Scoop 

Easy to remember and do, the scoop is the swing element of the shot. Students will enjoy telling you the different things that they could scoop such as ice cream, soup or anything their imagination can construct!


3. Shoulder

The final part of the 3-step process is the shoulder. We get the students to land the racquet on top of their shoulder.  This is something easy to remember and do, and really helps to get into the ideal follow through position. 


Boom! A super simple way to teach the forehand groundstroke to kids. Like with most things, the key here is not to over complicate the process and make it easy for young kids to remember and recite.


Good luck with those killer forehands guys!

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Roger Federer chats with Vogue

For any Roger Federer fans, this is a must watch interview. Roger takes vogue behind the scenes at Wimbledon and talks about his career and his advice for young athletes. Such a great look behind the curtain of Wimbledon.

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Wimbledon Tennis Highlights so far.

With one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world kicking off this week, we thought we would take a look at some of the action so far. Wimbledon, held in London England is one the premiere grand slams and rated by many to be the most important of the 4 (Australian Open, French Open & US Open the other three).

From the videos below, it looks set to be another incredible tournament!

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Ash Barty the fresh Australian Hope goes number 1!

Ash Barty recently won the French Open and also became the world's number one female tennis player. In the video below, we see just how far young Ash has come and how a great support network of family, friends and mentors have helped her along the way.

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