Tips for keeping the kids active these school holidays!

Tips for keeping the kids active these school holidays!

With the holidays upon us (or fast approaching), we thought now would be a great time to look at ways of getting and keeping the kids active these school holidays. Whilst the weather is warm and inviting, so to are the iPad and consoles, so parents need to have a few good strategies up their sleeves to make it a healthy summer of fun. Here are five quick ways we think you can approach them.

 No Tech Days or Times

This may seem like mission impossible for both kids & parents, but over the chrisms break is the perfect time to try out a TECH-FREE day. With most offices closed it’s something that parents and guardians can do with their children (setting the example) without worrying about missing an important work call! In 2019 with our daily usage of technology so strong, tech dependence is now a very real issue for the next generation so this is a fantastic way to combat the issue. By showing your children that you can go without technology for set periods of time you are actually teaching discipline, breaking dependence and allowing the space for activity and conversation to take place. Who knows, you may even enjoy it!

Plan outdoor activities with movement & fun

Plan a park day with the family. This is not only a fun way to spend time with your kids but also a non-confrontational way to get them playing sport. For many children, the structured nature of sport and competition can be daunting and all children respond differently to play. By taking them outside in an open environment, you may just find they build a greater appreciation for sport, movement, and activity without even realising it. It’s also just a nice way to get back to nature and the outdoors during the warmer months.

Involve the whole family

Kids love the chance to play with parents & guardians so this can be a great way to get them involved in activity whilst also boosting family bonding time. Get a ball, bat, racquet or kit and just do something as a family. What you are doing is far less important than the fact that you are taking the time to simply do it. If you can make it physical in nature, this is great as it sets a healthy example for your kids about what ‘we’ can do with our free playtime.

Try Something New

With the busy nature of work and life we can often find we get into some pretty set routines, can’t we? Over the break is a great time to try a new sport or activity. If your child has taken up a new activity, why not get out with them and try your hand at it too! This is a great way to show support and interest in something they love, and it's also a chance to learn something new as an adult too!

Reward Active living

Nothing like a little positive reinforcement for positive behavior. Whilst we are trying to use less technology and get the kids moving over the holiday break, using a method such as ’screen time’ for park time can be a worthy strategy. For those kids who could spend the entire day in front of the iPad if given the chance, create a system where they are rewarded screen time in exchange for sport, activity or exercise time. This may seem transactional but will help to get them out there in the first place. Once they experience the joys of the great outdoors, they will be far more likely to spend even more time outside than initially anticipated. Once they’re worn out, this is then a great time to have a little screen time reward!

So there you have it!

Five quick ways to get them up, active and healthy this summer! We hope you all have a great break and enjoy getting out and getting active with your kids! See you in 2020.

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Australian Open 2020 is almost here!

We are thrilled to be seeing the new Australian Open ad's hitting the airwaves (and phone screens) around Australia. This means that the summer of tennis in Melbourne and around the country is almost here! For all of our students, we hope you will use the huge summer break to get out on court with mum and dad and keep up all the great training you have been doing this year. For parents it's a great time to take the kids out and keep active over the warmer months. Whoever it is, the summer of tennis in Melbourne is magical, and we cant wait!


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Summer of Tennis in Melbourne!

December is upon us and that only means one thing for those in Australia and Melbourne, The Summer of Tennis is here! As the warmer weather approaches, there is no better time for both kids and parents to dust off the old tennis racquet and get out and have a hit. For those who have been playing throughout the year, this is now the time to shine, as friends, family and collegues are eager to get out and find a hitting partner.

We hope that all of our ANZ Tennis Hotshots students will be taking their parents out onto the courts over the summer and continue to improve on their skills from this year!

See you on the court!


Sporting Schools is open for Term 1, 2019 and we are ready to go!

We are very lucky to be partnered with both Tennis Australia and Golf Australia to assist in delivering programs for the Sporting Schools programme here in Melbourne. Our team of trained coaches can provide both the ANZ Tennis Hotshots program as well as the Golf Australia MyGolf program. Through the partnership, students are given free access to sport which is a fantastic initiative of the federal government and Sport Australia. 

If you are a school and interested in finding out more about these programs, please get in contact with us today at 

Here is a little look at the various programs:


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Summer Sports Incursions with Fit For Kids Co.

Are you getting ready to start planning your summer incursions? Over the summer months many children will spend a large large amount of time in OSHC as mum, dad or guardians return to work. So what can you do to give them more activity during the school holidays? 

Here at Fit For Kids Co, we offer a range of fun and active incursions for primary aged children. Our incursions are all based around sport and fitness themes and provide programs with a one or two hour break from looking after their groups.

This year the team will be running the following programs;

Australian Open Tennis Incursion. 
To celebrate the summer of tennis here in Australia and Melbourne specifically, we will be offering our popular tennis incursion. The incursion uses the ANZ Tennis Hotshots equipment consisting of small nets, softer balls and junior sized racquets. Students will get the chance to experience the sport, learn the various techniques and also play fun tennis games.

Summer Soccer Stars.
Summer soccer stars is our fun and inclusive soccer skills clinic for children aged 5 - 12 years of age. During the incursion the students will learn all the soccer fundamentals as well as participate in a large group game with their peers. Our soccer incursion is always a big success as it is a game that can be played by all. 

Big Hitter Cricket.

Big Hitter Cricket is our cricket incursion which we offer over the balmy summer months. Get the group out of the indoors and out onto the field for an hour of cricket skills and classic catches. The students will get a chance to bat, bowl field and learn the basics of this fantastic summer sport. 

Splash Time Fun.
If the sun is out, then this is the incursion for summer! Splash Time Fun is all about water & fun. Think water pistols, water races, water fights and more. If you are looking to mix it up this summer, Splash Time Fun is your incursion. 

So, ready to book one of our epic incursions for your summer program? Hit us up today at 

See you out there.

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